Established in 1996, we are a UK family run business who specialise in making silver jewellery set with Rainbow Moonstone.  For 20 years we have been been supplying  jewellers and have only just recently opened our online shop.  For a list of jewellers who stock our product or to find an outlet near you, please just ring us on 01623 835198


Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of Labradorite (plagioclase feldspar).  It is related to Moonstone (orthoclase - potassium felspar) but is slightly different due to its adularesence being caused from reflections from twinning planes rather than the albite inclusions of Moonstone.  Many people get confused about this difference as many stones and jewellery sold under the name of moonstone are in fact Rainbow Moonstone. The most common Moonstone available is in fact a pearly cream colour with a satin lustre.  Very rare blue varieties of moonstone do exist but the prices are astronomical and it is rarely found.  For technical information refer to gemology websites or documentation.
Inclusions are natural for Rainbow Moonstone, this often makes up its character and play on colour. Surface inclusions may be interpreted as cracks but are a natural part of the stone.
We use high quality rainbow moonstone which is why it is stronger in colour to a lot of other rainbow moonstone on the market that appear whitish because they are a lower grade stone with much more inclusions making it cloudy whitish.  We also close the back off the settings which means the inner "shiller" of the stone has more chance to reflect and so show its natural play on colour.

Silver Marks
All items under 7.6gms of silver carry a standard 925 mark.  Any item over this weight in silver, by law, has been verified, tested and hallmarked by The Assay Office.  Silver hallmarks for British sterling is 925. European Silver is hallmarked 800.  These are both silver standard marks.

Company details
rainbowmoonstone.co.uk is a registered domain of Talsa Creative Jewellery Ltd, Normanton Larches cottage, Clumber, Worksop, Notts S80 3NX.  Company registered no. 3708274